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To the critics, there are so many competing interests in the Middle East since the fall of the Ottoman caliphate. After WWI, the common denominator was oil and is still a major factor however, recently nuclear, biological and chemical WMDs owned by failing nation/states and the rise of terrorist groups within such areas have changed the calculus. Oil reserves and alternatives have lessened or diminished dependency on the region. Unfortunately the instability requires the strong Oversight that only the US can provide. The lack of this on a consistent bases during the Obama years exasperated our friends and emboldened our foes. Actions like that taken by POTUS levels the bubble in a seesaw region of Sunni and Shia; east and west; Russia and US. President Trump’s instincts continues to be more cohesive than coherent yet his actions have had conditionally positive-definite results.


Your doing exactly what you were hired to do President Trump! You are showing the world that America still has a back bone which many countries thought we had lost when that terrorist (obama) was running this country. You are building up our military, taking care of our vetrans, building up our economy by creating jobs and you are welcoming God and Jesus back in America. For that I say thank you and Job well done! Its an honor to call you my President! May God continue to use, bless, and protect you and your family!

Keep doing the great job you’ve been doing and people have no choice but to approve of you. It’s been a long time since we have had a president that showed real leadership and you have and you will be considered a great president. One of the greatest. Liberal’s will reply to this and be bitter and nasty as usual but they are only showing their ignorance.

Thank you for making our country great again,I never new how corrupt the Democratics where we got you for president ,they just can’t let up, know matter what you say or do they dig and take everything out of context, Im so glad it you and not Hillary Clinton, our country would of been doomed if she would of won the presidential election.

I am still skeptical, because I think Americans have been successfully brainwashed and “dumbed down” to the point of having an overwhelming majority of people who will vote for whatever the mainstream media (leftist, corrupt, lying) tells them to vote for… MOST Americans do not even know who Ronald Reagan was, nor can MOST Americans tell you where Syria is, for example…. I could go on and on why I don’t trust a poll like this, but I hope it represents the truth. I just think it should be 99% Trump approval before I trust the intelligence of Americans to answer such a question.