How to clean your computer from dust Part 2

Dust – the main enemy of the computer!
Today, it is hardly possible to find a family whose home was not a single computer. But over time it accumulates junk files. They remain after installing various programs and applications, or dust that accumulates inside the system unit, settling on the hard drive, video card, motherboard.

In addition, the dust surrounds the wires (cables), fans and heaters, thereby preventing their cooling and increasing fire risk. The temperature processor may reach 90 ° C, when the normal temperature range from 30 to 60 ° C, depending on the model of the processor.

Directly in front of the PC from dust cleaning is necessary to check the temperature of your CPU, hard drive and video card. After cleaning your computer from dust you will notice a significant drop in temperature. This point is very important because in the absence of adequate cooling your computer will automatically reboot frequently or not at all included.

Cleaning your computer from dust. Stages.
Step One. Preparations for cleaning
1. disconnect the computer from the network (we obtain the plug).

2. From the system unit disable all components (external modem, printer, sound system, etc.) By the way, in order to avoid later problems with reverse connection of all these “devices” to your computer, you should remember how it was originally attached, mark wires or photograph.

3. It should be noted that in the bore which is connected to the power supply connector, sometimes going to a small static tension. It can be removed by simply touching a finger to three open contacts. Can flip the current, but it does not hurt, especially not fatal (because you have turned off the power from the mains).

4. Next, unscrew the rear bolts that hold the side wall of the chassis. Remove the bolt, remove the lid. It is important not to confuse the cover, and then, if the clear, which is mounted on the part of the motherboard – in this case, you just do not clean. If you look at the front, you need to unscrew the left side of the system unit.

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