How to clean your computer from dust

Sooner or later, almost every computer owner asks himself the question: how to clean your computer from dust? Someone comes to the idea yourself. And someone waits, as the saying goes, “a cancer on the mountain did not whistle.”

Often, users are faced with the problems of unsatisfactory performance of their “iron friend” that are caused by no means outdated processor, weak graphics card or insufficient memory. Often there are times when you sit down to play your favorite 3D-shooter, and at the wrong time your computer freezes and the screen at that moment contemplate screenshot flying in your enemy bullets. Passes 3-5 seconds – and you are in the list of heroic dead.

Have questions, why so? What’s wrong with my computer? May apply to the repair of the PC? Indeed, just yesterday played in the same game, and there were no disruptions system ?! What happened? Maybe the video card was covered? Processor “tired”? Or maybe on a flash drive friends brought not only new films, but also a couple of viruses?

So what’s wrong with your computer?
And you start using a different anti-virus programs “gut” your computer for “pathogenic” Trojans, worms, etc. Also, using different tools for optimizing system performance, fix, clean the registry and so on.

Scan for viruses, fix bugs, and with a sense of duty to your computer, download your favorite game again. And-and-and … in a couple of minutes out of anger almost break his arm monitor! Again the same thing …

Now phoning friends and waiting for a reply from them, who is to blame and what to do. And then one of them, in jest or in earnest, offered to clean your computer from dust. And you for lack of other options for addressing pick up a brush and vacuum cleaner, 15 minutes of simple manipulations and BINGO !!! Turn on the computer, and he – as a born again.

Next, let’s talk about what harm can a computer just dust and gradually consider how to clean your computer from dust.

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