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The Tamiya (58346) Grasshopper RC Car Model Kit

The Tamiya (58346) Grasshopper RC Car Model Kit

By on Apr 28, 2018 in Blog |

The last kit to consider on our list is the Tamiya Grasshopper RC car model Kit. This should be another one of Tamia’s great works of art that should fill you with a lot of excitement.


The kit produces a beautiful car that stands at dimensions of 15.3” X 8.8” X 5.3 inches upon completion. The set includes a 380 type motor, an independent swing axle front suspension, a rear axle suspension and it requires a 7.2 battery and corresponding charger to function. The model also requires a B: 2 channel radio gear and CTS plastic model paint. In general, just like the Frog off road, it was built for off-road activity and is suitable for anyone above the age of 15.


All in all, this is a feature packed and durable car model kit to work with. The extra capabilities like including an actual motor that can make the car to move adds an edge tithe amount of fun this car model can offer.


Great review scores should be enough to warrant a tryout as evidenced on the Amazon platform. An average rating of 4.1 with comments relating to reliability, fun and exceptional build quality is a delight to anyone looking to have a remarkable experience.