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The Tamiya Frog off Road 1/10 Kit (TAM 58354) RC Model Car Kit

By on Apr 28, 2018 in Blog |

This has proven to be another impeccable model from Tamia and it rivals some of the best on the market. The feature set displays superiority in essence and provides quite an exciting option for those who believe are made for off road cars. Let’s get closer…


The car shows a dimensional combination of 16” X 9.4” X 5.7” in a chassis and body that reflects its name as the frog off-road. The package includes a 540 sized motor, a body, tires and unique front bumpers associated with off-road cars. It also has 52 tooth spur gears and has TEU-101 BK forward and reverse. To get to the extra mile, the feature set also includes a six flat pack battery along with a standard servo. It comes with the paint for the body, pictorial illustrations and ESC decals.


The features are simply impressive so much so that you are bound for a hard time if you are up with a critical mind. It lacks little and definitively belongs to the high end on the quality scale. The rich package with a myriad of accessories, the beautiful design and the working function enabled by the batteries should be enough to get delighted about this model car kit.


We expected something that demonstrated positivity when we consulted with Amazon with regards to the people’s experience. The outcome vindicated our expectations as we witnessed an impressive overall user rating of 4.1 stars based on 29 customers. It seems people are excited about its durability, easiness of assembly and the fun that comes with it being fully functional on a wide range of surfaces.